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The Stampede Dance Club on a Cruise
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Dancing Fools

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Country Western Dancing is more than a hobby for us. It's a passion, the way we stay young and celebrate life. In this album, I've assembled some of my favorite photographs....Yes, Dave & I are Dancing Fools!
I first started dancing on my 41st birthday. Me and my young roommate, Stacy (age 21) went to a club named Rodeo in Orlando, Fla. to celebrate.  We went every single night for the next 18 nights (and yes, went to work the next morning too).  We learned to  dance at lot during that time :-)  Well, I did anyway.  Stacy was mostly crusing for guys while I was doing the free dance lessons.
I met Dave in April 1994 on the dance floor at Rodeo.  We joined a dance club called the Stampede Dance Club (hosted at Rodeo, Orlando).
Dave & I married in October 1996 and two-stepped down the Aisle while our buddies joined in behind us!  We've been dancing ever since.

Janie & Stacy, room-mates
March 1994

some Stampede Dance Club buddies at wedding
Wayne & Yvonne (far left) Dance Instructors at Rodeo

Honeymoon Cruise with 40 Friends
7 Days of Dancing with our Stampede Dance Club buds

Me, at work. Bank Branch Manager
Boring Black & White. Dancing is much more fun!

Dave & Janie Married
October 26, 1996

Bride & Groom Enjoy The Sunset
Orlando, Fla (Eola Park, Downtwon) Oct 26, 1996

Bride & Groom Two-Steppin' Up the Aisle
(Our buddies joined in behind us - What fun!)

Stampede DC starts it right with a Line Dance
Hey! That's me, front & center (Dave, far left) looks on

Christmas Time. Excellent for wearing my Red Hat
AND matching red boots

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!