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Ohio Heritage Photo Album
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The Toland Family of Springfield, Clark Co, OH

John C. TOLAND was born in April, 1825.  He married Mary Ellen BEST in Clark Co, OH on 21 March 1850.  They had six children:

l.  Charles M. TOLAND b. Feb. 16, 1851, d. May 26, 1922.  He married Maria Ellen RICE (This was the sister of Mary Belle RICE, my maternal Great Grandmother - so a double connection here when Art FOLEY, son of Anna TOLAND married Flora Belle MCDONALD, the daughter of Mary Belle RICE and Wesley MCDONALD).

2.  Alfred Low TOLAND b. May 2, 1854, d. Dec 4, 1924.  Wife was Mary Belle (Unknown)

3.  Mary Emma TOLAND b. 31 Jan 1857, d. 18 Nov 1859, age 2

4.  William J. TOLAND b. 11 Sep 1859, d. 18 Feb 1868, age 8

5.  John F. TOLAND b. 1862, d. Dec. 9, 1890

6.  Anna Elizabeth TOLAND, b. 24 Mar 1865.  She married Charles W. FOLEY in Springfield on 10 Nov 1887 and they were the parents of Arthur Lester FOLEY (my grandfather) and Wilson Floyd FOLEY.  Anna died a young mother on Jan 15, 1893, Springfield, OH of typhoid fever.  She is buried in the TOLAND family plot, Ferncliff Cemetery, Springfield, OH.

My Grandfather took this picture in 1961.  This was his grandmother (and his mother is buried in this plot)  The stone reads TOLAND.  Etched above the family name is:
Mary Ellen
wife of John TOLAND
died June 17, 1882
ae (not readable on photo)
I have sent for the interment records of this family plot - will post those records here when I receive them.

Toland Monument, Ferncliff Cemetery
Photo taken 1961 by Art Foley

UPDATE!! Have both the Interment Records and the stone readings for the TOLAND family plot:
These are the interment records:
TOLAND Family Plot 67, Section I
Owner:  Jno. TOLAND & son - date of Deed Aug 2, 1882 (so some of these graves moved from someplace else - burial dates of those moved to Ferncliff say Aug 16, 1882)
Date of Death:  Sept 14, 1903, age 78 yr, Cause of Death Ry accident
Date of Death:  June 1882 
Age:  54 Years, cause of death: Kidney Disease 
Mary Emma TOLAND
Date of Death:  Nov. 18, 1859, age 2 years
Cause of Death:  Intermittant Fever
William J. TOLAND
Date of Death:  Feb. 18, 1868 (last number very faint)
Age: 8 yrs.
Cause of Death:  Typhoid Fever
Date of Death:  Dec. 9, 1890 (age not listed)
FOLEY, Mrs. Anna
Date of Death:  Jan. 15, 1893, age not listed, cause of death: Typhoid Fever
(This is my Great Grandmother)
TOLAND, Mary Belle
Date of Death:  Aug. 11, 1908, age 38 yr., 6 mo.,21 da.
(I believe this to be the wife of Alfred L. TOLAND listed below)
TOLAND, Alfred L.
Date of Death:  Dec. 4, 1924, age 70--7--2, cause of death: Paralysis
BARTON, Clara B.
Lot 67, Section J
Date of Death:  Not listed
Date of Burial:  Apr 30, 1899
Age:  22 yr.
Cause of Death:  Typhoid fever
(Note, Clara BARTON was living at the home of John TOLAND in 1898, 1889 - not sure who she is yet).  UPDATE!  Clara Barton was a grand-daughter (or great granddauther) of John Toland's second wife, Sarah Derrickson Harrigan.  Her 1st husband was Barney Harrigan and their daughter Clara Harrigan married a William Grant Barton and they resided in Nevada, California.
And these are the readings from the Stones which adds better dates to the Interment records above:
Three flat stones along the road:

"Clara B. Barton, Born July 31, 1876, Died Apr. 27, 1899, SEMPER FEDELIS"  There is a small flag pole minus the flag stuck in the ground at the back of the stone.   It is the kind of flag pole placed on graves by the veterans on Memorial Day.

"Anna E. Foley, Born Mar. 24, 1865, Died Jan. 15, 1893"

"John F. Toland, 1862-1890"

Then there is the tall monument with TOLAND across the lower part which is in your photo.  The side closest to the road says:  "Mary Ellen wife of John Toland  Died  June 17, 1882,  Aged  53 yrs.  9 ms.

The right side (when facing the monument from the road) is the only other side with writing.  It says:  "Mary Emma  Died  Nov. 18, 1859   Aged  2ys. 9ms. 18 ds."  A straight line is drawn and under it is:  "William J.  Died  Feb. 18, 1868  Aged  8ys. 5ms. 7ds."  Another straight line and then:  "Children of John & Mary E. Toland"

Behind the above monument are the following 3 flat stones.  The 4th was originally standing but is now flat on the ground.  The inscription is for the same child (Mary Ellen) as on the tall monument.  We had to work hard to be able to read it.

"Sarah A. Toland  1826-1904"

"John Toland  1825-1903"

"Mary E. Toland  1828-1882"  (She would be the wife of John who has the inscription on the front of the tall monument apparently.)

The fourth stone has a rounded top (looks like sandstone) and not just a square as the others.  The inscription says:  "Mary E. Daughter of J.  &  M. E. Toland   Died  Nov. 18, 1859.  Aged  2 Yrs.  9 Mo.  & 18 Ds."

Anna TOLAND FOLEYS sons, Arthur & Floyd, abt. 1895
Their mother died in 1893, Anna's husband, Charles, remarried in Nov. 1894

Clarence Toland, (Center) nephew of Anna TOLAND
Clarence Toland & second wife, Olive Clark.jpg
(Left) is Clarence's 2nd wife, Olive Clark . (Right) is ??

Grant Toland and wife, Nellie Schenk
Grant and Nell Toland.jpg
Grant was Anna Toland's nephew

Arthur FOLEY and wife,Flora MCDONALD, 1961
Art & Flo Foley 1961.jpg
Arthur was the son of Anna TOLAND and Chas. W. FOLEY

Arthur's brother, Wilson Floyd & son, Ronnie in MN
Floyd was Art's only full sibling


Descendants of John C. Toland



Generation No. 1


1.  JOHN C.3 TOLAND  (JEREMIAH2, CORNELIUS1) was born Apr 1825 in OH, and died 13 Sep 1903 in Clark Co, OH.  He married (1) MARY ELLEN BEST 21 Mar 1850 in Clark Co, OH, daughter of THOMAS BEST and JANE BERRY.  He married (2) SARAH ANN DERRICKSON 12 Jun 1884 in Clark Co, OH, daughter of DANIEL DERRICKSON and REBECCA DOLBAUGH.


Children of JOHN TOLAND and MARY BEST are:

2.                i.    CHARLES M.4 TOLAND, b. 16 Feb 1851, Clark Co, OH; d. 26 May 1922, Springfield, Clark Co, OH.

3.               ii.    ALFRED LOW TOLAND, b. 02 May 1854, OH; d. 04 Dec 1924, Bethel Twp., Clark Co, OH.

                 iii.    MARY EMMA TOLAND, b. 31 Jan 1857, Clark Co, OH; d. 18 Nov 1859, Springfield, Clark Co, OH.

                 iv.    WILLIAM J. TOLAND, b. 11 Sep 1859, Springfield, Clark Co, OH; d. 18 Feb 1868, Springfield, Clark Co, OH.

                  v.    JOHN F. TOLAND, b. 1862, Clark Co, OH; d. 09 Dec 1890, Springfield, Clark Co, OH.

4.              vi.    ANNA ELIZABETH TOLAND, b. 24 Mar 1865, Clark Co, OH; d. 15 Jan 1893, Springfield, Clark Co., OH (typhoid fever).



Generation No. 2


2.  CHARLES M.4 TOLAND (JOHN C.3, JEREMIAH2, CORNELIUS1) was born 16 Feb 1851 in Clark Co, OH, and died 26 May 1922 in Springfield, Clark Co, OH.  He married MARIA ELLEN RICE 25 Sep 1872 in Clark Co., OH, daughter of ALONZO RICE and MARY ALT.


Children of CHARLES TOLAND and MARIA RICE are:

5.                i.    CLARENCE W.5 TOLAND, b. 02 Aug 1873, Clark Co, OH; d. 21 Dec 1954, Springfield, Clark Co, OH.

                  ii.    CORA E. TOLAND, b. 27 Aug 1886, Wapakoneta, Auglaize Co, OH; d. 25 Dec 1958, Springfield, Clark Co, OH; Adopted child; m. WILLIAM H. DRUMM.

6.              iii.    CHARLES GRANT TOLAND, b. 20 Jan 1894, Clark Co, OH; d. 03 Jun 1967, Sacramento, CA.


3.  ALFRED LOW4 TOLAND (JOHN C.3, JEREMIAH2, CORNELIUS1) was born 02 May 1854 in OH, and died 04 Dec 1924 in Bethel Twp., Clark Co, OH.  He married MARY BELLE UNKNOWN Abt. 1889 in Clark Co, OH.



7.                i.    SADIE I.5 TOLAND, b. 26 Oct 1890, Clark Co., OH; d. 13 Oct 1974, Mansfield, Richland Co., OH.

                  ii.    MABEL E. TOLAND, b. Nov 1891, Springfield, Clark Co., OH.


4.  ANNA ELIZABETH4 TOLAND (JOHN C.3, JEREMIAH2, CORNELIUS1) was born 24 Mar 1865 in Clark Co, OH, and died 15 Jan 1893 in Springfield, Clark Co., OH (typhoid fever).  She married CHARLES W. FOLEY 10 Nov 1887 in Springfield, Clark Co., OH, son of FREDERICK FOLEY and ELIZABETH LEATHERMAN.


Children of ANNA TOLAND and CHARLES FOLEY are:

8.                i.    ARTHUR LESTER5 FOLEY, b. 02 Apr 1889, Springfield, Ohio; d. 23 Jun 1965, Pensacola, Florida.

9.               ii.    WILSON FLOYD FOLEY, b. 15 Jul 1891, OH; d. 21 Dec 1974, Breckenridge, Wilkin Co., MN.



Generation No. 3


5.  CLARENCE W.5 TOLAND (CHARLES M.4, JOHN C.3, JEREMIAH2, CORNELIUS1) was born 02 Aug 1873 in Clark Co, OH, and died 21 Dec 1954 in Springfield, Clark Co, OH.  He married (1) MINON IRENE BENTZEL 11 Nov 1896 in Clark Co, OH, daughter of AARON BENTZEL and SARAH YEATTS.  He married (2) OLIVE MAE CLARK Bet. 1926 - 1930, daughter of ROBERT CLARK and ANNA ZIEGLER.



                   i.    GLENNA6 TOLAND, b. Sep 1897, Springfield, Clark Co, OH; d. 09 Feb 1960, Springfield, Clark Co, OH; m. WILBUR C. JACOBS.

                  ii.    WILBUR BENTZEL TOLAND, b. 09 Mar 1900, Columbus, Franklin Co, OH; d. 07 Jan 1981, Springfield, Clark Co, Ohio; m. MARTHA NELL SHANK, Aft. 1930.

                 iii.    LOUETTA TOLAND, b. 27 Aug 1903, Springfield, Clark Co, OH; d. 15 Jul 1965, Glen Ellen, IL; m. JOHN JOY SCHMINK, 25 Oct 1928, Springfield, Clark Co, OH.


6.  CHARLES GRANT5 TOLAND (CHARLES M.4, JOHN C.3, JEREMIAH2, CORNELIUS1) was born 20 Jan 1894 in Clark Co, OH, and died 03 Jun 1967 in Sacramento, CA.  He married NELLIE BARBARA SCHENK Jun 1915, daughter of JOHN SCHENK and ANNA ACKERER.



                   i.    WILLIAM GRANT6 TOLAND, SR, b. 19 Nov 1923, Springfield, Clark Co., OH; d. 24 Apr 2000, Roseville, CA; m. MARY ALPHA SCHREIBER, Abt. 1940, KY.


7.  SADIE I.5 TOLAND (ALFRED LOW4, JOHN C.3, JEREMIAH2, CORNELIUS1) was born 26 Oct 1890 in Clark Co., OH, and died 13 Oct 1974 in Mansfield, Richland Co., OH.  She married WILLIAM LOFTUS KEATING 03 Oct 1910 in Clark Co, OH, son of WILLIAM KEATING and ADA DEARING.



                   i.    ROBERT A.6 KEATING, b. Abt. 1912.


8.  ARTHUR LESTER5 FOLEY (ANNA ELIZABETH4 TOLAND, JOHN C.3, JEREMIAH2, CORNELIUS1) was born 02 Apr 1889 in Springfield, Ohio, and died 23 Jun 1965 in Pensacola, Florida.  He married FLORA BELLE (FLO) MCDONALD 12 Dec 1911 in First Baptist Church, Springfield, Clark Co, OH, daughter of WESLEY MCDONALD and MARY RICE.



                   i.    ANNABEL6 FOLEY, b. 21 Oct 1915, Springfield, OH; d. 11 Nov 1915, Springfield, OH.

                  ii.    BARBARA LOU FOLEY, b. 28 Sep 1921, Springfield, Clark, Ohio, USA; d. 08 Mar 1996, Pensacola, Escambia, Florida, USA; m. JACK ALLEN MARTIN, 09 Jun 1945, Springfield, Clark, Ohio, USA.


9.  WILSON FLOYD5 FOLEY (ANNA ELIZABETH4 TOLAND, JOHN C.3, JEREMIAH2, CORNELIUS1) was born 15 Jul 1891 in OH, and died 21 Dec 1974 in Breckenridge, Wilkin Co., MN.  He married (1) ELIZABETH A. RAUCH 26 Aug 1916 in Casselton, Cass Co., ND, daughter of JULIUS RAUCH and EMMA UNKNOWN.  He married (2) THERESA UNKNOWN Aft. 1945.



                   i.    BEATRICE ELIZABETH6 FOLEY, b. 12 Sep 1917, Cass Co., ND; d. 28 Dec 1917, Cass Co., ND.

                  ii.    LAWRENCE ARTHUR FOLEY, b. 06 Nov 1918, Fargo, ND; d. Feb 1994, Montgomery, TN.

                 iii.    CLAYTON L. FOLEY, b. 1920, Casselton, Cass Co., ND; d. Aft. 2004, LaConner, WA; m. DOROTHY UNKNOWN.

                 iv.    MARGARET ELIZABETH FOLEY, b. 29 Jul 1922, Fargo, ND; d. 23 Feb 1998, Breckenridge, Wilkin Co., Minnesota; m. WILLARD ANTHONY DABLOW.

                  v.    LOU ANN FOLEY, b. 06 Aug 1925, Fargo, ND; d. 16 Nov 2001, Casa Grande, Pinel, AZ; m. HERMAN CARL BECKER.

                 vi.    LILA MAE FOLEY, b. 15 Apr 1931, Fargo, ND; d. 01 Dec 2004, Breckenridge, Wilkin Co., MN; m. (1) BERNARD ALOISUIS ALZHEIMER; m. (2) JAMES ALDEN DREY, 11 Aug 1951.



                vii.    RONALD WILSON6 FOLEY,

The following article appeared in the Springfield newspaper The Sun, Springfield, OH, Wed., Sept. 16, 1903
Funeral of two Pioneers Killed By Train Held at Same Time at First Baptist Church

Yesterday afternoon at the First Baptist church occurred the funeral of John TOLAND and Jacob CURTIS.   It was a double funeral, one of the few that have occurred in this city, and certainly one of the saddest.   The two men, both pioneer residents and among the best known citizens of Clark county, were killed by a train at Emory Chapel last Sunday, while returning from a pioneer meeting.   They had attended the First Baptist church Sunday morning, and meeting each other there arrangements were made to attend the pioneer meeting, a trip which cost both of them their lives.   Rev. W. J. Sly preached the funeral sermon with the two caskets lying side by side, the old pioneers being tied as they lived, near each other.   It will be remembered that when found beneath the train they had their arms clasped about each other.   Rev. Sly's sermon was a touching one, and the friends of the two families, together with relatives, filled the church to overflowing.   The funeral cortege to Ferncliff cemetery was one of the longest ever seen here.   The two hearses were together, and following them came the sorrowing relatives and friends of both families.   There was a wealth of flowers, attesting in a measure to the high esteem in which both were held, and speaking stronger than the human tongue of the sorrow which fills the hearts of all who knew them.

Note:   John's (second) wife was visiting at the time in California and missed her husband's funeral.   She died less than a year later of cancer, on 02 Sept. 1904.

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