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Family Group Photos 2
Ohio Heritage Photo Album
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Left to Right.  Beulah(Foley) Grieneisin, Harry Foley, William Foley, Bert and Bess (Foley)Cornell, Joseph Foley, Mary (Foley) Cornell and son Allen Cornell, Allen Foley and his wife Vergie.  Front row left to right.  Kathleen (Foley) Welton, Earl Cornell (Bess's son), Joseph Frazier Foley, Christina (Grapes) Foley, Nellie (my Grandma) Foley, Irene and Delmer Cornell (children of Mary (Foley) Cornell). Dog is Bob.  Photo taken abt. 1910

Joseph Foley Family (Joseph son of Isaac foley)
Cousins in West Virginia

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