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Florida Outdoor Adventures
Camping in 1926 with Indians
Our Buds
Alexander Springs, Ocala Nat'l Forest
Big Lagoon State Park, Pensacola, FL JANIE'S HOMETOWN
Blue Springs State Park, Orange City, FL
Buck Lake, Ocala Nat'l Forest
Chassahowitzka River, Homossasa Springs, FL
E.G. Simmons Park, Tampa Bay, FL - DAVE'S HOMETOWN
Farles Lake, Ocala Nat'l Forest
Hillsborough River State Park, Zephyrhills, FL
Ichetucknee River, Ft. White, Florida
Juniper Springs Camp Trip
Juniper Springs Canoe Run
Juniper Springs Nature Trail
Juniper Springs Florida
Lake Dorr, Ocala Nat'l Forest
Manatee Springs S.P., Levy County, Fla.
O'Leno State Park, High Springs, FL
Rainbow River, Dunnellon, FL
Rock Springs, Apopka, FL
Sebastian Inlet State Recreation Area, Melbourne Beach, FL
Silver River State Park, Ocala, FL
Tomoka State Park, Ormond Beach, FL
Trimble Park, Tangerine, Orange Co, FL
Trout Lake, Eustis, FL
Withlacoochee River, Inverness, FL
Camping in 1926 with Indians
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OK, this is in Michigan, not Florida, but it's some cool family pix from a 1926 Camping I came to have Camping Roots!

My Mother, Barbara Foley Martin, wrote her memoirs and described this camping trip she remembered from the age of 5.  Going through the family photo archives, I found the pictures of it!  Here's what she wrote about the trip:  "ABOUT CARS.   There never was a time that we didn't have a car.   My first recollection was of a 1926 Buick touring car (see photo).   My dad had a special box made to fit the length and breadth of the running board (it's in the photo!).   It was in this box that he stored his fishing tackle, our tent, cookstove, folding table and stools, folding canvas chairs, and the cots when we made our two camping trips in 1926 and 1927 to Charlevoix, Michigan.   We camped outside of town, in the immediate vicininty of an Indian camp (I think that these were indeed Charlevoix Indians.)   We have pictures of them as they visited our camp, and one especially of me holding an Indian papoose on my lap (wetting)."
(Note by Janie)  I'm not sure there is such a thing as Charlevoix Indians....need to investigate this.

My parents and their ancestors were natives of Clark County, Ohio.  To see my Ohio Heritage Photo Album, click the link below

Ohio Heritage Photo Album

Car with custom-made camp box
Car and Campbox.jpg
L-R: Barbara Foley (age 5), Flo Foley, (other couple not known)

Setting Up Camp...Tents in Background
Campsite and Cars.jpg
A really good view of the open CampBox on the car on the right

Scene At Camp - they did a lot of fishing
At Camp1.jpg
That's Gpa Foley in one of the chairs Mom described and a laundry line in the background

This is Barbara holding the papoose
Barb with papoose.jpg

1926 Buick Touring Car Underway
1926 Buick Touring Car.jpg
This shot must have been taken by the other couple ahead of them.

By the Lakeshore
L-R: Flo Foley, Barbara Foley, (unknown woman), Art Foley

Indian Family Visits Camp
Indian Family.jpg
There is the Papoose Mom described in her Memoirs!

Boating on the Lake
Boat named eloise.jpg

Campers visit Indian Tribe
Indian Tribe.jpg

Florida Outdoor Adventures

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